Healthy Eating May Promote Positive Self Esteem.

When we think of good nutrition, we often think of the positive impacts it has on our physical health, but studies have demonstrated that good nutrition can also have a positive impact on our psychological wellbeing, and can even promote positive self-esteem.  Results from a recent study performed on Spanish adolescents found that those who followed a Mediterranean diet tended to have more positive perceptions of their physical and psychological wellbeing, family relationships and even their school environment, whilst also exhibiting more positive self-esteem.

In a previous blog post, I also discussed a study showing that consuming a Mediterranean diet can help to improve major depression in adults.  You can learn more about the specific foods consumed in this study by clicking here.

With all the conflicting, dietary information we're constantly bombarded with, it's reassuring to know that following a Mediterranean-style eating plan is not only associated with multiple health benefits, but is also backed up by scientific research, and centuries of traditional evidence, too.

I recommend consuming a Mediterranean-style diet rich in vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts, seeds and fish (and little red wine), to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Mediterranea diet and depression

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